How to Create an Incident

Learn how to create an incident from your Site Connect Web Portal


NOTE- for more information on how to manage a created incident, please see the following article:


To manage your incidents go to the side menu on the left hand side of the web portal and click Incidents

Inidents side menyu

You will then see a list of all of your previously recorded incidents.Click on Add Incident to record a new one.


Add Incident


This will bring up the Incident form editor below


Incident fill out form

From here you will be able to fill in the following:

  • Date & Time- Select the time and date the incident took place. Click the calendar icon to select from a calendar view
  • Summary of Incident
  • What type of treatment was required (choose from drop down menu)
  • Type of Incident- Near Miss, Property Damage, Illness etc. (choose from dropdown)
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Required? (Y/N)
  • If the incident requires a WorkSafe Notification (Y/N)
  • Does the incident require an investigation?
  • Provide a reason for investigating the incident
  • Is this a Lost Time Injury (Y/N)
  • Casual Analysis Findings


You will then Select the Sites you want to associate with this incident by clicking Select Sites

Select Site-1

Then tick the Sites you want to associate and click Select & Close.


Select Sites Sitesoft

You can also add/upload any relevant files by clicking Browse Files.


Browse Files

Then select the affected users by clicking Affected Users and ticking the appropriate Users. Then click Select & Close.


Affected Users

Seelected USers Incidents

Once all Sites, Files and Users have been selected and uploaded, you can click Save.


Save Incident

You will then be able to see this in your Incidents View and Download as a PDF if required


Downlaod PDF

If you are on site and need to report an incident through the SiteConnect Mobile App, please see this article.


NOTE- for more information on how to manage a created incident, please see the following article:


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email or Ph: 0800 748 763