How to Manage an Incident

Here you will learn how to manage an incident in the SiteConnect Web Portal


Incidents menu


LTI-Lost Time Injury


Course/Corrective Actions




Please watch the following brief video on how to manage incidents in the SiteConnect Web Portal


Managing Incidents (8:28)

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For information on how to report/create an incident, please refer to the following article

How to Create an Incident in the Web Portal



Incidents Menu


Click the Incidents tab on the left-hand side.




You will see a list of all of your existing incidents. Click Manage on the incident that you want to manage.


Manage Incident


This will bring up the following Overview dialog box where you can edit the details of the incident itself.


On this page you will also see the following tabs:

  • LTI- Lost Injury
  • Investigation
  • Causes/Corrections
  • Witnesses
  • Notes


Click on each one to bring up the menu for them


Maaging INcident




In the Overview section you can change any of the details entered when the incident was initially Reported.


This includes:

  • Summary of the incident
  • Date of the incident
  • Type of incident and treatment
  • Drug/Alcohol testing requirements
  • Who was involved
  • Worksafe notification requirements
  • Status of incident (Completed etc.)
  • Investigation requirement and notes
  • LTI status
  • Casual Findings


You can also add any necessary files and the users affected from the incident from here.


Manage files incident


LTI- Lost Time Injury


A Lost Time Injury is an injury that leads to an employee taking extended medical leave from work duties.

Once you click on the LTI- Lost Time Injury tab on the top of the Incident manager, click New LTI record to record a new LTI injury.


New LTI record


You will then see the following tabs on the  top of the dialog box that appears where you can fill in the following details:


  • Affected Person- person who has been injured, their contact number and their email address

LTI Tabs

  • Health Provider-  Health providers name, main contact, description, contact number and email address


Health Provider

  • ACC Case Manager- Office name, managers name, description, contact number and email address


ACC Case Manager

  • Return to Work- Estimated date of return to work, actual date employee returns and description


Return to Work-3


To select a estimated date and an actual date, click the Estimated Date option and the Actual Date option  and then select a date, then click the tick.


Selecting a date



When you Save a Return to Work timeframe a new option will appear on the top entitled Time Records.



Save LTI record


When clicked, this will bring up a new menu whereby you can create a New Time Record.


New Time Record


Once clicked, a dialog box will appear where you can select a date for a new LTI Time Record. To set a date, click the calendar icon to bring up a series of dates to choose from.


LTI Select a date time record


Once you select the right date, click the tick to save this date.


Selecting a date (1)


You can then select the LTI days taken from the date you have selected and the amount of hours.



LTI Days and Hours


PLEASE NOTE- this is only recorded on a monthly basis. This means that you will only be able to select the remainder of the days in the month that the date you have selected is in.

If the LTI days and hours for this injury expand over this month then you will need to add another Time Record/date by Saving then adding another Time Record.


Save TMI record


Once you have created all necessary Time Records as well as any other changes you can click Save and this will be added to the LTI for the incident.


Save Time records


You can also Manage/add any Files for the LTI using the Manage Files box.


Time reocrd manage files




Click the Investigation tab on the top of the Incident Management menu to bring up the following menu:


Investigation tab



From here you can fill in the following items.


  • What happened before the incident
  • How did the incident occur
  • What happened after the incident


You can also select  an Investigator and a Reviewer.


Investigator and witness tabs


For both options, this will bring up a box whereby you can search for or select your employees from a list for this role.



Netowkred user selection


Once your employee has been selected, your investigators name will appear in the Investigation menu.




This will also happen for the Reviewer that is selected.


Reviewer add


Courses/Corrective Actions


Click the Courses/Corrective Actions tab to bring up the following screen.


Add cause corrective action


To add a new action, click Add Cause. This will bring up the Incident Cause Form.


Incident Causes Form


From here you can fill in the Cause, Type (choose from Primary or Secondary from drop down menu), Corrective Action to be taken and a description (what specifically makes this a cause).


You can then add another Corrective Action to take for this incident if required by clicking Add Corrective Action.


Add Corrective Actipn



This will add another action to this list.



Two actions



You can also select an Assignee for each corrective action and appropriate Files if necessary.



Select Assignee





Click the Witnesses tab to bring up the following screen. Click Add Witness to create a new witness for this incident.


Add witness


This will bring up the Incident Witness Form where you can fill in the following:


  • Witness Full Name
  • Company Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Statement


Incident Witness Form


You can also Add any appropriate Files by clicking Add File and Select the Witness from your networked Users by clicking Select Witness. This also does not have to be a networked user and you can fill in the name of anybody to Save this.


Add file and witness witness form


Once you have filled in the name of the Witness you can click Save to save this witness's details.


Save Incident witness


You can also delete the Witness at any time by clicking the Bin icon in the bottom right hand corner.


Witness bin icon





Click the Notes tab to bring up the following screen. Click Add Note to create a new witness for this incident.


incident add note


This will bring up the Incident Note Form


Incident Note Form


You can write in your note in the Value text box.


Once you have filled in the text box you can either Save your note for this incident or Delete the note using the Bin icon on the lower right hand corner of the form.


Save indicent note


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email or Ph: 0800 748 763