How to create Tasks (Mobile App)

Here you will learn how to create Tasks using the SiteConnect Mobile App


Please watch the following video on the easiest way to create a Task for any given Site using the mobile app:


Creating Tasks (Mobile App) (3:11)

Please also scroll down this article for further information...


The easiest way to create a Task  is to click the Orange button icon that can be found at the bottom of the screen on any page within the app.


Plus icon (4)


Then click Create Task in the Create/Report menu that appears.



Create Task option


Then the Create Task menu will appear where you can create your task


Task wizard


You will then need to fill out/complete the following options:


Select Project/Site- you will need to select a Project/Site, if you are not signed into one, by clicking on the Project/Site arrow at the top of the screen. If the Project/Site you want is already displayed then you don't need to change it.


Mobile App Tasks Selector

If you want to select a different Project/Site from the one that is displayed then click on the arrow as per the screenshot above.  This will take you to the below screen. A list of available Projects/Sites will display.  You can either click on the Project/Site you want and then click on Select or you can search for the relevant Project/Site.


Mobile App Tasks Selector 1


Task Details -  Enter the details of the Task in the Tasks Details field including what needs to be accomplished. This is a compulsory filed and must be filled out in order to save your Task.


Mobile Tasks details


Due Date- Select a due date for the task by clicking the calendar icon and selecting the appropriate date


Task date selector


Priority - Select the relevant priority for the Task (options are: Low, Moderate, High, Critical)


Proprity optyions


Select Users - to select the users you want to assign the task to click the Select Users option.


Mobile App Tasks users


This will bring up a list of all connected network users. Click next to the names of the users you want to assign the Task to (a tick will display next to their name once selected).  Any users who are currently signed into site will have a green circle to the right of their name (if not signed in the circle is clear).  Once you have selected the relevant users to assign the task to click on Select Users at the bottom of the screen.


Mobile App Tasks users 1-1


Create Individual Tasks for each selected User - This option when toggled ON (orange), will assign an individual task for each User so that all selected users need to complete this task separately.  If this option is toggled OFF (grey), then the Task will still be assigned to all selected Users however once one person completes the task, then it closes the task off for everybody.


Mobile App tasks users 2


Add Files - click on the + button to the right of Add Files to upload photos or documents to the Task.


Mobile App Tasks files

The below dialog box will open up.  Click on the option that you want to upload.  You can either take a  photo, upload photos from your photo gallery or upload documents.


Tasks file selector

When you have filled out all required fields and are happy with your Task, then click on Save at the bottom of your screen.


Save tasks

Your task will be saved and assigned to the relevant users.  They will receive an email notification and the task will display in their Mobile App. You will receive an email notification once the task is completed.


Users will receive weekly email reminders for any outstanding tasks that have been assigned to them


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email  or Ph: 0800 748 763