How to create and manage Toolbox Talks for your ProjectsSites

Learn how to create and manage Toolbox talks for your projects/sites



Please watch the following video on how to manage logged Toolbox Talks within the Web Portal


Managing Toolbox Talks (2:23)

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Email notifications for Toolbox Talks that are created are sent to the attendees of the Toolbox Talk and the person who created the Toolbox Talk.  The notification includes a PDF of the Toolbox Talk.  These notifications are NOT sent to Site Managers or Account Admins.


How to create a toolbox talk

To create a toolbox talk you need to click on Projects on the left-hand side of the main menu.  Once you have clicked on Projects you will be presented with a list of projects/sites that have been added to the software. Choose the project/site you wish to create a toolbox talk for and click on Edit.


Edit project (2)


You can drill down to individual sites underneath these projects as well if these have been set up by clicking Sites for the specific Project


This will take you to the project/site you have chosen. The name of the project/site will show at the top with a list of tabs below it. Choose and click on the Toolbox Talks tab.


Tb Talks Project edit menu-1


The next screen will give the option to create a New Toolbox Talk.  Click on this button.


New TB Talk-1



Naming and creating an agenda for your Toolbox Talk


This will open a new dialog window where you can enter the name and agenda of the Toolbox Talk.


Toolbox Talk Form


  • Click on the Toolbox Talk heading to enter the name of your Toolbox Talk
  • Click on Agenda to enter the items on the Agenda for the Toolbox talk.


Adding Attendees to the Toolbox Talk


Click on Attendees to list the name of the personnel attending the Toolbox Talk


Atendees TB Talk


A list of all users connected to your network/project/site (including visitors) will display showing those who are currently signed into site first with a 'Yes' to the right of their name followed by all other users. You can also scroll to find the relevant person or search for them via the search bar at the top of the page. Click in the square box to the left of their name to add them as an attendee.  Once all attendees have been selected click on the 'select' button. 


Netowkred users


Once you click on Select this will take you back to the toolbox talk dialog box and the number of attendees will be recorded against the Attendees Tab.




Adding Media to your Toolbox Talk


You can upload supporting files for your Toolbox Talk by clicking the Add Files button and uploading files.


Add file TB Talks


We highly recommend uploading PDF documents only


Saving your Toolbox Talk


Once you have named your toolbox talk, recorded your agenda, added your attendees and any media/files then click on the Save & Close button


Save and close Tb Talk


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by at email or Ph: 0800 848 763