How to Complete Forms via the SiteConnect Mobile App (Reskin)

Here you will learn how to access and complete Forms you have been assigned in the SiteConnect Mobile App



Please watch the following video which will briefly go over how to complete any Forms that have been assigned to you through the Mobile App.

Please note that this video was recorded before our latest app update so some visual aspects may differ


Completing Forms (5.09)


Also please scroll down the article for further information:

Accessing your Forms


To start off with you may have received a notification from Site Connect stating that you have a Form in your profile that needs completing.

The forms that you have been notified to complete by your company will appear on the Dashboard of the app as soon as you log in. Just log into the SiteConnect app, then you should see the following My Forms box on your Dashboard. this will show the number of Forms you have completed and the number of Outstanding Forms that you have yet to complete


Incomplete forms


Simply click this box to access a list of all of your assigned Forms. These will show in the Status column as either Assigned (if you have not entered the form yet), In Progress (if you have entered the form and not finished it) or Submitted when this form has been completed.


Assigbed pre start

Click any one of these Forms to then access the content and complete it. You will be able to either fill in information or tick/select options based on the Form that you are completing.

Competing form



Once you have completed the Form click Save & Close at the bottom to submit the form. Your managers will the be notified that you have submitted this and will be able to view your answers on their end.

Submit and close

If you have not finished the Form yet but need to leave you can also click Save Progress and come back to the Form at a later time


You can also access your Forms by clicking the three horizontal lines on the upper right hand corner and then clicking My Forms on the menu that appears.

My forms button gif (1)


Filtering your Forms


In the My Forms menu you can also filter your list to your liking. When you click on MY Forms you can then click the Orange Filter icon on the upper right hand corner next to the Search bar.


Form filter button

From here you can then filter the My Forms list by the following criteria


Filter dynamic form menu

  • Select Sites- filter the list for Forms relevant to selected Sites at the very top of the page
  • Select Companies- you can filter Forms which have bee sent to you by specific companies
  • Statuses- either Assigned, In Progress or Submitted
  • Form Types- either a standard Form or a Site Induction
  • Order by- can choose to order the list via the Assigned Date, Form Title (alphabetical) or Form Type
  • Order- can also choose to order the form based on these other criteria in ascending or descending order

You can also click Clear on the upper left hand corner to clear these filters and start again or click Save to apply your filters and access your My Forms list again.



Accessing Forms Via the Onsite screen


You can also access your Forms from the screen you enter when signed into a Site

To do this, sign into the Site that you wish to complete the Form for. For more information on signing in, please see this article here.


Once in the Noticeboard for that Site, click on the My Forms button that appears on this screen,


My forms onsite screen



Creating Forms via the Mobile App


When in your My Forms list you will also the Create prompt on the upper right hand corner 


Create form


From here you will be able to create Forms from pre made Form Templates that have been created by the administrators for your SiteConnect company/account.


When you click Create, you will be prompted to select a Site to assign the Form to at the very top of the page.


This will auto default to the Site that you are currently signed into.

To change the Site the Form is for, please click the Site description at the very top of the page and then select the appropriate Site via scrolling or directly searching for it.


Once you have selected a Site, you will need to select a Template. These templates have been set up for you by your account administrator.


If the appropriate template is not available this will need to be added by the administrative account holders so please contact them directly)



Selecting form template


Once you have selected a Site and a Template, they will be listed on this page.


Once you are happy with your selections then just hit Create & Open Form.


Create and open form


You will then be able to complete this Form and submit it. This will then notify your managers that a form has been created and submitted and this will update their records so that they can view your Reponses. 


For any SiteConnect issues or questions, please contact us at or call us on 0800 748 763.