Completing Forms in the SiteConnect Web Portal

Here is how to complete your assigned Forms within the SiteConnect Web portal

Please watch the following video on how to complete Forms within the Web Portal


Completing Assigned Forms in the Web Portal (3:19)

If you still require assistance after watching then please keep on reading...


To access your Forms, click the Profile icon in the upper right hand corner of your profile, then select My Forms in the menu that pops up.


My Forms


From here you will see a list of all of your Assigned Forms. To open one of these Forms, click Open Form on the right hand side.



Please note that you can also create a Form from a pre existing Template (set by your Account Administrators) by clicking the orange Create From Template button.


This is useful for competing Forms that you may not have been assigned but you still need to complete.


When you click Open Form, your Form will then appear in a pop up box like so.


Form example


You can then scroll through and answer each item. You can also Save your progress as you go by clicking the black Save Progress button on the bottom.


Once you have viewed the entire Form and have answered everything that you need to, then click Submit & Close to submit your answers.


Completing a Form


Once you have Submitted your answers, your account administrators will then be able to view your Responses.


This Form will also show as Submitted on your My Forms list.


Submitted form


For any SiteConnect issues or questions, please contact us at or call us on 0800 748 763.