Adding a Task Analysis Documents to any existing or additional sites

In this article you will learn how to add a task analysis document to an existing site and keep this for future sites



Please see the below video on how to manage a PDF document for a Task Analysis for any given Site in your account:


Managing TA Documents (1:17)

If you need further assistance then please keep on reading....



Adding a Task Analysis to an existing site

Go to the SiteConnect main menu and click on the Templates menu. Then click on Task Analysis Documents.


TA documents side menu


This will bring up all of the pre existing Task Analysis templates you have in your account


TA preexisting


To add a Task Analysis document to your Project/Sites, click Edit on the Task Analysis you want to add


Edit ta dcuments


Then click Select Projects/Sites in the dialog box that appears.

Select projects TA docs


Tick the projects/sites that you want to add the Task Analysis document to (you can also search for these using the search bar). Then click Select & Close.


Selecting projects Managers


Then click Save to add the document to the site.


Save TA documents


Creating new Task Analysis Documents


To create a new Task Analysis document click + New on the top of the Task Analysis Documents page.


New TA document


You will be able to add a Name and multiple Files to this new document by clicking Add Files. You will also be able to select the Sites that this will be assigned to here as well.


Add file TA doc

Once this has been completed click Save.


Example Save document


This will then appear in the Task Analysis Documents menu for further use if required.


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