Adding Training/Competency documents to your profile (Mobile App)

You can now add any relevant training/competency certificates or documents to your profile using the SiteConnect Mobile App

To add a new Training/Competency document, go to your Home page within the SiteConnect Mobile App and click on the gear icon in the upper left hand corner to access your profile's Settings page

Gear icon


Then click on the Training/Competency option in the menu that appears


Trinaing Comertency option

From here, you can create and upload a new document by clicking the Create button in the upper left hand corner

Create document


From here you can fill in the following details:

Competency creator


  • Name- Name of the document/certificate you are uploading
  • Type- Select from the following options:

Document types (1)

  • Visibility- Select from the following options

Visibility options

Private- Only you as the employee that the document is registered to can see the documents

Group- Only your admin can see the file

Public- Everyone can see the file (admin and Employee user)

  • Timezone- this should default to the time zone you are currently in
  • Expiry Date- Select from the calender which appears when this option is hit.

Phone Calender

Once all of these fields have been filled in, you can add your document/file by clicking Add Files.


Add files competency

Choose from the following options when uploading your file

File add types


Once you have uploaded your File, click Save to finalise your document

Save image


This document will then be visible within the Training/Competency section of your profile and to any Administrators if you have set to the document visibility to be either Group or Public.


For any SiteConnect issues or questions, please contact us at or call us on 0800 748 763