How to set up an Inspections/Audit Template

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How to conduct an audit through the SiteConnect Mobile App


Please watch the following two videos on how to set up Inspections/Audits in the SiteConnect Web Portal.

We recommend watching this video first so you can add your Questions and then assign these Questions to your Inspection/Audit Templates straight away:


Creating Inspection/Audit Questions (2:15)

How to create Inspection Audit Questions Fixed Audio

Now watch this next video that discusses creating the Templates themselves:


How to create Inspection/Audit Templates (1:59)

How to create Inspection Audit Templates Fixed Audio


Creating a Inspection/Audit Template


Go to the Templates menu and click on the Inspection/Audit Templates tab.


Aiudit templates side menu


Then click on Add Inspection/Audit Template.


Inspection Audit template add


Enter the name of the template in the box that appears:


Add template name


Then add Questions by clicking the black Questions box.


We recommend using numbers for your sections or the alphabet, i.e. 1. PPE or A. PPE as this will sort them in the order you want them in otherwise the sections will be sorted alphabetically.


You can select from any of the Inspection/Audit Question templates from your account by ticking them and clicking Select on the top right hand corner.


Inspection questions rpreexisting


Once you have selected all of your questions click Save and this will be added to your Templates menu.


Save Audit


Test audit in templates


To view your Template click on View.


View Audit



Which will list the Template name and the Questions in your Inspection/Audit Template.


Audit contents


Once your template is created your team members/contractors will be able to carry out the Audit from their Mobile App

Creating questions for your Inspection/Audit Templates


If you are wanting to add a question from scratch then you will need to go to the Inspection/Audit Questions menu on the left hand side.


Inspection questions side menu


Then click Add Question on the top of the screen.


Add Question


You will need to add the Question itself and the Section it relates to n the box that appears.


Question and section

Once you have created all your questions click on the Section filter menu to bring up a list of all of your available sections

Sec filter Site

This question will then appear in your Inspection/Audits Templates creator when you go to add your questions.


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email or Ph: 0800 748 763