Contractor - How to complete a Pre-Qualification

Learn how to complete a pre-qualification request


Please watch this brief video on how to access and complete your Pre Qualifications as a Contractor


How to complete Pre Qualifications as a Contractor (3:30)

Contractors Completing Pre Quals Cleaned

If you still need assistance then please read on...


How to complete a pre-qualification request


Log in to the SiteConnect Web Portal and click on the PCBU1 Pre-Qualifications Tab in the Main menu



A list of any pre-qualifications you have been requested to complete by your PCBU1's will show.  Click on Edit on the right-hand side of the pre-qualification you wish to complete.


PCBU1 Contractors


A dialog box will appear with a list of the items that you are required to complete. 


Edit Pre Qual


For each item click on Yes, No or Not Applicable


Use your mouse or the scroll bar on the right-hand side to scroll through the list of items


Yes and no


When you click on No or Not Applicable you will not be required to enter any further information.  However, you can make notes by clicking on Add Notes.


Add Notes


A dialog box will open.  You can free text any notes you wish to make and then click on Save.


Add Notes to H&S Policy


When you click on Yes you will be given the option to upload file(s).  Click on Add File. You can add as many files as you like.

These files will then be listed in this dialog box.

You will also be able to Add Notes to this as well

Yes and Add File


Your browser will open allowing you to choose the relevant file.   Once you have chosen the file you wish to upload the below Upload button in pink will show.


Upload PCBU1


Click on the Upload button.  The file will upload and you will be able to see the details of the file you have uploaded.


Contractors CSV uploaded


You can also set an expiry date for each item by clicking on the Expiry calendar in the bottom right-hand side of the screen.


Expiry Date


To delete a file click on the Rubbish Bin icon on the right-hand side and this will remove the file.



Keep following this same process until you have completed all requested items.


How to download a PDF document of your Pre-Qualification


Go to your list of Pre-qualifications and click on View on the right-hand side


View PCBU1


Then click on Download as PDF in the bottom left-hand corner


PCBU1 Download PDF


Look for the PDF generated document which will generally download in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.



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