How to claim, update and delete a SiteConnect generated QR code

In this article you will learn how to claim, update and delete a SiteConnect generated QR code

SiteConnect sells pre-printed QR codes for $5 + GST on weatherproof stickers. These are the only QR codes that can be claimed through the SiteConnect portal. 


QR Codes should be scanned using the SiteConnect mobile app. Using any other app to scan the QR codes will yield unexpected results that does not relate to SiteConnect.

Claiming a QR Code

To claim a QR code go to the SiteConnect main menu on the left and click on ‘Sites’. A list of your sites will appear. Choose which site you want to add the QR Code to and then click on ‘edit’ on the right hand side of the screen.


Edit sites-1


This will take you to the site concerned. The site details will show along with a list of options on the right hand side. Choose and click on the ‘QR Codes’ tab.


QR Codes right menu


The next screen will give you the option to ‘claim a QR Code’  and ‘+ New QR Code’ (this is the option to generate and print your own QR codes).  We want to chose and click on 'Claim QR Code".


Claim QR Code


Claim a QR COde

Once you have clicked on 'Claim QR Code' a dialog box will open called 'Claim a QR Code'.  Enter the QR Code ID number in the dialog box.  You will find the 'Code ID' on the pre-printed QR Code.



Claiming a QR Code - QR code


Once you have claimed the QR code, it will be associated with the chosen site and is ready for use. 

Place the QR code in an easily accessible area, i.e. a site hazard board, site office, reception desk.  Make sure you display the correct QR code in the right location.

Updating a QR Code


Should you wish to make any changes to the QR code you can click on ‘Edit’.


Edit QR Code


Once you click on 'edit' this will take you to the below screen where you can make changes to the type, name and message of the QR code.


Adding a QR Code - Name QR code-2

Deleting a QR Code


To delete a QR code go back to the site menu, choose the applicable site and click on Edit.


Edit site


Click on the QR Codes tab on the right hand side.


QR COdes site level


Then ‘click’ on Delete. This will delete that QR code and it will no longer be active. Deleted QR codes can be restored by SiteConnect staff.  


Delete QR Code



If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email or Ph: 0800 848 763