Form Notifications

Here you will learn how to set up notifications for selected Users which will notify them when a form is submitted

Please watch the following video which will detail how to set up Form Notifications for when a form response is submitted.


Form Notifications (2:19)

Form Notifications Cleaned

If you still require assistance after watching then please read on...


Before you Save your form you will see the following option in your Form Settings,


Enable notificatonsd optipon


You can tick this on and off to enable notifications that will be sent to all account admins when a User submits answers to this form. Please note that you cannot select the users that will be notified of this until after you have saved. 


Sve form



Once you Save your Form the Form Notifications tab will now show a User selector whereby you can select who gets a notification when a User submits answers to the form.


The Form Notifications tab will only show you a message requiring you to Save if you have not done so.



Form Notifications


Notification Users


Click Users up the top then select the users you want to receive the notifications by ticking them.


Your Users who will then receive notifications will then appear in this list whereby you can choose to Delete them as well if you wish.



Notirifed Users


These Users will now receive notifications whenever someone submits answers or a response to this Form.


If you need any help with specific applications of this feature then please do not hesitate to contact us on or phone us on 0800 748 763