How to create Tasks

Here you will learn how to create Tasks and assign them to your Sites within the SiteConnect Web Portal

Please watch the following video on how to create & manage Tasks in your SiteConnect account:


Creating & Managing Tasks (4:41)

Creating Tasks Pub


If you still require assistance after watching then please keep on reading...


On the left hand side menu of your SiteConnect web portal please go to the Tasks option

Tasks side menu

From here you will see the below s:creen.  Click on Add Task to create your first task.


Add Task

This will pop up with the following dialog box. You will be able to fill in the following:

  • Task name itself (compulsory field)
  • Due Date (can be selected by clicking the calendar icon on the right hand side)

calander icon

COPt 2021

  • Priority Level (select from Low, Medium, High or Critical via dropdown menu)

Dopdpwn priorirty

You can also choose to toggle on Individual Tasks for each Selected User


Individual tasks

This will send a notification for each User this task is assigned to once it has been Saved.


Once all of these details have been filled in, you will be able to assign the Task to specific Sites, Users and add any relevant Files by using the below black boxes.


Site users and add file

The number of Sites you have assigned the Task to will also appear in the blue circle next to the Sites box


Once you are happy with the Task itself and who the Task is going to be assigned to then click Save.


Save TA-1


This will then appear in your Tasks list.


Open task


You will see that the Task Status is open and can be toggled to be Completed. If your task has been completed by your employee and this is not been ticked off yet by them, you can toggle this to be Completed manually.


Comleted status

You can also choose to View, Edit or Delete the Task.


View edit and delete


View will bring up information around the Task including the date it was created and updated.


Task Details


You can also select Notes up the top of this Task Viewer screen whereby you can add any relevant Notes to the Task by clicking Add Note.


Add note Tasks

From here you can then type the message and click Save once completed.


Save Note


Editing the task will bring up the Task creation dialog box again whereby you can add more Sites or alter the Task details


Create Task again


Deleting the Task will give you the option to remove the Task completely.


Remove Task

You can also choose to Export your Tasks as a CSV, PDF or XLSX file by clicking the List Menu/Export button next to Add Task.


Export CSV

If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email or Ph: 0800 848 763.