How to create a Toolbox Talk on the Mobile App

Learn how to create a Toolbox Talk on the Mobile App

In the SiteConnect mobile app, go to the three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner and click on ToolBox Talks. Then click on Create.


Toolbox Talks Mobile


This will bring up a Toolbox Talk editor where you can fill in the following fields where you can fill in the Title and Agenda of your Toolbox Talk:



TB talk editor 1`

There is then the Actions tab whereby you can add attendees to your Talk. Just click the Select Attendees box and you will be able to search for and select each employee you want to attend. Once you have ticked off every employee click the orange Select Users button on the bottom of the screen.


Send Attendees

You will then see the number of selected users in the Attendees box.


Two Attendees


You will also be able to upload files to the Toolbox Talk by clicking the plus icon


PLus icon

You will be able to select where you obtain the file from with the following options

File Select options


The file will then be visible in the Actions tab once uploaded


File uploaded


You will also be able to scroll down and add additional Contacts for this Toolbox Talk to be sent to by clicking here


Add COntacts

Once you have uploaded all of your files and selected all of your attendees, click Save on the upper left hand corner to save your talk.


Save Toolbox Talk

This Toolbox Talk will then be displayed in the Toolbox Talks list where you can click and see relevant information such as the title, agenda, Site name/address, the date of creation and the attendees. You can also click the orange button down the bottom to Export your Toolbox Talk  and download as a PDF.


Toolbox Talk View Mobile


If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email or Ph: 0800 848 763