How to create and manage TA/JSA/SWMS

Learn how to create and manage TA/JSA/SWMS


    Please see the below video introducing you to our new TA/JSA/SWMS feature:


    Introduction to TA JSA SWMS Feature-2

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    How to create a TA/JSA/SWMS Account Template


    To create a TA/JSA/SWMS go to the Templates Tab and click on TA/JSA/SWMS



    Then click on +Add TA/JSA/SWMS



    You will be given three options:



    Create New - opens a new blank template

    Select from Global Templates - PLEASE IGNORE - FEATURE STILL TO COME

    Copy all Active Templates - Will duplicate your current active templates


    Once you have clicked on Create New the below dialog box will appear.



    Complete the fields as follows:


    Name -  enter the template name

    Description - enter a description of the TA/JSA/SWMS

    Work Procedure - enter the work procedure for this TA/JSA/SWMS

    Qualifications - enter the qualifications required for this TA/JSA/SWMS 

    Duties - enter the duties to be undertaken for this TA/JSA/SWMS 

    Training - enter the training requirements for this TA/JSA/SWMS 

    Certificates - enter the certificates required for this TA/JSA/SWMS 

    Code of Practice - enter the Code of Practice for this TA/JSA/SWMS 

    Maintenance checks - enter the maintenance checks required for this TA/JSA/SWMS

    Safety Practice - enter the safety practices for this TA/JSA/SWMS

    PPE other - PPE can either be selected from the PPE tab at the bottom of the dialog box or entered manually

    Work Permits other - Work Permits can either be selected from the Work Permits tab at the bottom of the dialog box or entered manually

    Tools other - Tools can either be selected from the Tools tab at the bottom of the dialog box or entered manually



    TOOLS - a list of tools can be managed through the Tools Tab on the main menu 

    PPE & WORK PERMITS - will be managed through SiteConnect


    Separate each new item for work procedure, qualifications, duties, training, certificates, Code of Practice, maintenance checks, safety practice, PPE, Work Permits, Tools by entering each item on a new line


    How to add an Account Template to a Site


    Once you have created your template you are then ready to add the workflow at site level.  To do this go to your Sites Tab and click on Edit of the site you wish to add the TA/JSA/SWMS to.



    Click on the TA/JSA/SWMS tab on the right-hand side



    Click on +New TA/JSA/SWMS and select from the drop down menu.



    Create New - opens a new blank template

    Select from Templates - opens a list of your templates which you can select from either individually or multiple.  Then click on select & close

    Copy all Templates - copies all created templates to your site



    The template will be displayed with the Version #.  Click on Edit



    All the previous entered information at Account level will be displayed.  



    • You can also upload files, add more PPE, Work Permits or Tools.
    • You can assign the TA/JSA/SWMS to the people who will be carrying out the task from your employee list.




    How to create your Workflow 


    To create your workflow click on the Workflow section at the top of the page



    Click on + New Workflow Step



    Enter the 1st workflow step description.  You can upload files and associate hazards from the Site hazards only (not account level hazards).  Continue to add as many workflow steps as applicable.



    Any hazards associated with the workflow steps will display all information including the initial and residual risk assessment levels and the controls.



    How to select someone to approve/authorise/acknowledge the TA/JSA/SWMS 


    You can now select an Approver, Authoriser and Supervisor by clicking on the applicable tab.



    A list of your Administrators will be displayed, which you can select from.  You can only select one person per tab and they must be an Administrator.




    How to approve/authorise/acknowledge the TA/JSA/SWMS if you have been assigned as an authoriser, approver or supervisor


    Once the person has been selected they can approve the TA/JSA/SWMS by going into the relevant site and clicking on the relevant TA/JSA/SWMS.  They will see under workflow the Tabs in Green that they are required to approve/authorise/acknowledge. 




    Once they have clicked on the relevant Tab it will turn grey to indicate the TA/JSA/SWMS has been approved/authorised/acknowledged.




    You can View, Delete or Export to PDF or CSV by clicking on the below tabs



    Currently TA/JSA/SWMS cannot be assigned to the Mobile App.  This functionality will be available in approximately Mid October 2021



    How to manage Tools 


    To manage tools click on the Tools tab in the main menu



    Click on Add Tool to add a Tool to your list of tools



    The below dialog box will open.


    Tool - enter the name of the tool.

    Description - enter the description of the tool. 

    Industry - select which industry the tool relates to from the drop down box or leave it as All.



    Once your tools have been created you can view, edit or archive them.



    Filter them by Industry or Active/Archived



    Export them to a CSV file



    You can  select them from the Tools icon for your TA/JSA/SWMS



    You can select individual tools or click on +New Tool to create a new tool.



    If you need any further help or have any questions please contact the support team by email or Ph: 0800 748 763