How to complete the daily site acknowledgment

Learn how to complete the daily site acknowledgment

When you enter a site you can sign-in using various sign-in methods. These site sign-in methods are defined by the owners of the site. The sign-in methods that are available is automatic GPS sign-ins, QR code sign-ins and SiteKiosk sign-ins.

Automatic GPS Sign-ins

IMG_1986-1With automatic GPS sign-ins, when you enter the geofence boundaries of the site, you will receive a push notification that you entered the site. You can tap on the push notification to open the daily site acknowledgment.

Automatic GPS sign-ins will require you to have location services enabled for the SiteConnect mobile app. You can choose between two options namely "Always" and "When in use" location tracking. If you choose the "Always" option (highly recommended), you will automatically be signed into and out of sites that are configured with geofences. If you choose the "When in use" option, you will physically need to be inside the geofence boundaries of the site and open the SiteConnect mobile app to be signed in. Have a look at our GPS and app permissions  troubleshooting guide for assistance with identifying automatic site sign-in issues.

QR Code Sign-ins

Scan QR MobileYou can sign into sites using QR codes if the sites are configured for it. From the dashboard of the SiteConnect mobile app, tap the scan QR button. The SiteConnect app will request permission to access your camera. After approving the permission request, your camera will open. Point your camera at the QR code in order to scan it. Your camera will automatically detect and scan the QR code in view. Depending on how the QR code is configured, you will be scanned into and out of the site.



If you are having issues with scanning QR codes, make sure you have granted the SiteConnect app with the relevant permissions to use your camera. Please refer to our GPS and app permissions troubleshooting guide for assistance.



When you use the SiteConnect mobile app to sign into a site by scanning a QR code, you will be signed out of all other sites. Only GPS sign-ins will sign you into multiple sites, especially if they have overlapping geofences.


Completing the daily site acknowledgment

Note: The daily site acknowledgment must be completed once a day for the first site entry of the day. All subsequent site visits for the same day will not ask you to re-submit your daily site acknowledgement.


Once signed in read and familiarise yourself with the hazards on site in the hazards tab.  You can also view the details tab (contains site noticeboard information and site documents) and the site tab (contains the emergency evacuation plan, site mangers details and onsite users).

Once you have read and familiarised yourself with the hazards on site click on the Tap to Acknowledge Hazards and Complete Sign-in, this completes the sign-in process.  Your site attendance and daily site acknowledgement is recorded.



You will not see the acknowledge confirmation button if you are not signed into the site. Sign-in using GPS or by scanning the site QR code.


If you forget to sign out of the site, you can tap the "Sign Off Site" button below the site address at the top to be signed out. 



For any SiteConnect issues or questions, please contact us at or call us on 0800 748 763.